Kulve Taroth Siege Coming to Monster Hunter: World

While Monster Hunter is filled to the brim with beasts of many magnitudes, nothing has ever been seen quite as glamorously fearsome as the elder dragon Kulve Taroth. This new monster comes alongside an all new limited time Siege Mode, which allows the maximum of sixteen players to split into parties in order to take it down. Each group of players will need to investigate and attack Kulve Taroth when they see them, with the main goal being to repel him away by the end of the fight.

Kulve Taroth’s first appearance will be tomorrow, April 18, at 5PM PST / 8PM EST and will last a limited amount of time with another planned appearance in the future. Hunters will need to gather up to take down this fearsome golden beast together in order to claim his riches.

Be sure to check out the teaser for Kulve Taroth below and get more details on this event right here.