Kung Fu Panda Characters Join Brawlhalla

Since its release a few years ago, Brawlhalla has consistently been growing its fan-base. Not only is the action fast-paced but the players are competitive. Some of its continued fun could be attributed to crossover characters. A new set of challengers from Kung Fu Panda joins the roster.

The Kung Fu Panda films and cartoons are some of Dreamworks’ biggest hits. Bringing some of its characters over seems like very fitting additions. Po, Tigress and the villain Tai Lung are being added for a limited time event. Each one shows off unique attacks and reference some moments from the series. Even Monkey, Mantis, Viper and Crane make appearances. Master Shifu is included as a KO effect and the Spirit Realm map gives you a new place to fight.

Along with these additions comes balance and changes to the game in general, you can view all the updated details on the official website. Check out Po and pals in action with the trailer below.