Latest Arms Trailers Shows off Characters and Punches

Arms is a Nintendo Switch exclusive that was announced back in January. It’s a fighting game with a boxing appearance featuring vivid designs, stylized characters, and a combination of different punches. The latest trailers shows off more for potential fans to get excited for.

First, we are reintroduced to the roster of fighters. Spring Man is a very balanced character in all aspects. He has a Shockwave ability which can deflect attacks and when he’s taken enough damage there is no need to charge attacks as it becomes unlimited. Ribbon Girl is very light which allows her to jump multiple times while in the air. She can then drop quickly to the ground to knock out a distracted opponent. Ninjara has the ability to disappear into thin air as a counter. Also, when defending, Ninjara can warp around punches to close in. Master Mummy is a beastly competitor who can really take a hit and not even flinch. When blocking, Master Mummy starts to regain health as well. Lastly, there is Mechanica who can hover around in mid-air. She can even take a few hits and won’t stunned so easily.

Next up we have all kinds of punches to throw. Arm yourself with the Toaster which ignite when fully charged. It will cause your opponent to get knocekd down and inflict major damage. The Megaton are huge and mace-like. They are slow and heavy but can really mess you up, it can even swat away enemy punches when fully charged. Sparky gloves are infused with an electrical current. They will stun opponents making it easier to get a few more hits in or throw them around. Boomerang have been shown off in previous videos as being able to reach around obstacles. In addition to that, they create a whirlwind which sends your opponent flying. Revolver packs three punches into one. They can easily be avoided so it’s best to change it up in order to stun so nobody can get away. Slapamander move and hit like a whip. These can also catch fire to cause even more damage.┬áThese are just a few examples the boxing glove attachments to equip and can be combined together in various ways.

Arms is scheduled for release on the Switch this Spring. Hit the gym now and increase your training regimen so you’re ready to take on all challengers.