Latest Overwatch Development Update Details Seasonal Events

Despite the fact that the rollout of Overwatch’s first seasonal event was sullied by a major DDOS attack, it’s still an exciting time to be a fan of Blizzard’s addictive first-person shooter.

If you’ve always wanted to dip your Overwatch in a little Rocket League, you’re in luck, as the newest Brawl mode is a 3-on-3 all Lucio soccer game. On top of all of this, players will earn Summer Games Loot Boxes instead of regular Loot Boxes over the next few weeks. Each box is guaranteed to contain one Summer Games item, be it a skin, an emote, a victory pose, a spray, a player icon, a voice line or highlight intro.

Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan made a point of noting that this would certainly not be the last seasonal event in the latest development update. It’s clear that the Summer Games are going to serve as an experiment for Blizzard, as they’ll look to make seasonal events more exciting going forward.

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