PS1 RPG Legend of Mana to Get Remastered Version

The original PlayStation’s library is littered with countless JRPGs released before and in the wake of Final Fantasy VII, with several of them still having die-hard fans hoping for a comeback. But even then, many were likely still surprised to see Legend of Mana pop up during today’s Nintendo Direct. First released in 1999, this installment in the series will now have remastered graphics, a rearranged soundtrack that players can select, a “Ring Ring Land” mini-game that wasn’t accessible in the Western release until now, and even the ability to turn off enemy encounters for those who want to focus on the story and exploration.

Using the game’s Land Creation system, players will use various artifacts they gather to craft the world map for the land of Fa’Diel as they go along their journey to find the mystical Mana Tree. Along the way, players will encounter a wide variety of unique characters and stories, as well as some impressive enemies and boss battles. Legend of Mana will arrive on June 24 for the Switch, PC, and PS4, allowing a whole new generation of players to experience the game then.