Legendary Pokémon are Taking Over 2018

Two years ago the Pokémon Company promoted Mythical Pokémon every month. Now, it’s time for the Legends to reign supreme. Starting in February, different Legendary Pokémon will be highlighted throughout the year. With it comes special giveaways, trading cards, updates and more for players and fans to enjoy!

The video below details which Pokémon will be featured each month. First up are the masters of time and space from Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, Dialga and Palkia! You’ll find themed Pokémon TCG decks and collectibles in stores. Giveaways for your copy of Pokémon Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. Pokémon Shuffle on mobile devices will have special stages to play. Pokémon GO is expected to get in on the Legendary action as well with details to be revealed soon. Then, catch some movies and anime episodes dedicated to these powerful Pokémon on Disney XD and the Pokémon TV app.

Unfortunately not every Legendary Pokémon could be included. But, 2018 looks to pack an epic amount of content and fun for fans! Check out the video below to see what’s in store for the year.