Lifeless Planet Heading to PS4

While it didn’t quite steal the spotlight, Lifeless Planet is an exploration-heavy trek on a distant planet where an astronaut discovers an oddly abandoned Russian tow. Of course, a Russian town is not the first thing one would expect to find on a planet that isn’t supposed to be Earth. The astronaut responds like anyone would and subsequently questions the purpose and validity of his mission. But when the astronaut meets a Russian woman named Aelita who is able to live in the hostile atmosphere of the planet. Even then, Aelita makes the ground green where she steps. Inspired by Cold War era science fiction stories, Lifeless Planet offers twenty unique environments, deadly life-forms, with a mysterious tale with cinematic cut-scenes. There are puzzles too.

See the PS4 port announcement trailer for Lifeless Planet below. Lifeless Planet is headed to PlayStation 4 on July 19.