Lil Gator Game Gets Commentary Trailer

Lil Gator Game is a wholesome romp from developers MegaWobble and Playtonic as publisher. There are a lot of charming titles to enjoy in video games and this is a new addition to the genre. A new trailer was published complete with commentary track.

Those looking to take a relaxing approach to adventures can anticipate Lil Gator Game. You play as a young alligator character hoping to rope his older sister into imaginary fun. Traverse various locations of your island home full of paper monsters to defeat. Equip yourself with toy swords and shields for the dangers ahead. Complete quests, befriend other animal characters and collect supplies on the way. Climb rocks, swim in water and glide through the air for epic exploration.

Watch the footage below and listen along to developer commentary for more exposition and details. Lil Gator Game is set to release this year on Steam and Switch.


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