Limited Run and Special Reserve Games Team Up for Strafe Physical Edition

It’s pretty well established by now that Strafe looks awesome.  The 90s-throwback roguelike FPS is big, loud, fast, and bloody, and its May 9 release can’t get here soon enough.  For those needing a copy to put on their shelf, however, Devolver Digital’s Special Reserve Games has teamed up with Limited Run Games to produce the two covers of the PS4 edition.  The short version is that Special Reserve Games has 2,000 copies of one cover, and Limited Run Games will have 1,000 copies of the other one, and whichever cover you might decide suits your fancy would be the one to go for.  Additionally, Special Reserve Games has a PC version packed with goodies including pins, stickers, the soundtrack on cassette, a sweet pair of Strafe-branded shades, pogs(!) and even a 3.5″ floppy with the Steam code on it.  The PC version is 1,000 copies total and a really fun collector’s piece. (-Update- And two hours after this piece went live the PC version is sold out.)

The longer, more complicated version is a bit trickier-  Strafe is on sale in pre-order form right now (at this link) from Special Reserve.  You can get either the PC or PS4 version singly or a nice discount on the two combined.  They’d both been on sale a few days before the Limited Run Games partnership was announced, at which point the “only 2,000 copies made” turned into “only 2,000 copies of this cover and another 1,000 of a different cover from LRG made”.  Which is unquestionably a very low print run for a game like Strafe but still clumsily handled on the communications front.  The Limited Run Games edition won’t be part of the standard numbering that’s a feature of all LRG’s releases, seeing as Strafe is published and manufactured by Special Reserve, and the goal of the partnership is to help boost a fellow small-press publisher’s signal.  The current plan is that SRG’s Strafe is available now for pre-order, LRG’s alternate cover goes on sale towards the middle/end of May (hopefully), and the launch of Strafe on May 9 makes everyone realize how fantastic the game is and that it would be sheer madness to pass on the physical edition.