Limited Time Event Unlocks Normandy SR1 in No Man’s Sky

This past week has seen plenty of buzz for the return of Bioware’s acclaimed sci-fi RPG series after the long-awaited release of Mass Effect Legendary Edition, which our review called a “remaster that does the franchise proud.”

Now, the team over at Hello Games is looking to capitalize on the excitement with the Beachhead Expedition update, which is a limited time event that runs until May 31. While the name of the event doesn’t give away any clear hints that this is a crossover, players who have completed the event have been rewarded with the appearance of the iconic Normandy SR1 from the first Mass Effect. Although it unfortunately does not look like players are able to pilot the ship for themselves, the Normandy can be added to your frigate where it is classified as a “Stealth Reconnaissance” ship, as seen in the trailer below.

No Man’s Sky is available now on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PC, PS4 and Xbox One.