Listen to this Beautiful Jazz Rendition of the Pokémon Anime Opening

Sure, Jason Paige is a gifted singer and has a voice as enjoyable as any Jigglypuff, but a recently uploaded video takes the popular theme song to a new genre. Jazz has sort of been considered a lost art, but maybe Pokémon is the Max Revive it needs.

Below is a video featuring talented musicians collaborating their skills into a moving rendition of the Pokémon theme song. Martin Diller lays a soft beat on the drums, Adam Kubota strums deeply on the bass, Scott Bradlee tickles the piano’s ivory keys and Sara Niemietz moves us with her powerful voice. The group offers us a new perspective of the classic anime opening and its a wonderful homage by talented fans. It’s cool, both musically and literally.

If you love the song so much, you can actually download it from iTunes. Also, check out more music from Scott and check out more of Sara’s work as well.