Little Nightmares II Demo Coming to Console, Original Game Made Free on PC

Following its availability on PC a little over a month ago, a demo for Tarsier Studio’s upcoming sequel to Little Nightmares, has now made its way to all other console platforms. Players across PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch platforms can download the demo starting from today and though brief, provides a peak into the continuing, unsettling world of The Wilderness as characters Mono and [previous player-character] Six team up to creep their way through many of the game’s physics-oriented puzzles and monstrosities lurking around every corner.

On top of this, Bandai Namco are also offering the first game to PC players for free, up until the end of this week. The catch though, is that those interested are required to register an account on Bandai Namco’s online store here. Even then, the company have stated that due to a high volume of demand, players will be put on a waiting list to receive their free copy at an unconfirmed later date. Little Nightmares II arrives on PS4, Xbox One, Switch & PC on February 11. Both PS5 and Xbox Series X/S versions will follow at a later date.

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