Live Together or Die Alone in Battleborn

There are very few studios that can do what Gearbox does. While they have a mixed track record, they are a developer that consistently releases vibrant games that has a lot of spunk to them. That looks to be the same case with their upcoming new IP of Battleborn, taking all the humor the studio is known for and stuffing it into an action-packed release.

While there seems to be some confusion what Battleborn truly is, the game itself will have a story mode outside of its PvP modes. Featuring an unruly antagonist who wants to harvest the power of all stars in the universe, it’s up to a band of misfits to defend this last bastion from being snuffed out and everything falling into complete and utter darkness.

Battleborn will be made available May 3 for PS4, Xbox One and PC. There will also be a beta starting April 8 for PS4, and five days latter on Xbox One and PC.

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