Loads of New Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Detailed in Latest Digital Event

This morning we got a deep-dive into some brand new details for the upcoming expansion for Monster Hunter Rise in the form of Sunbreak. This includes new revealed monsters, a release date and details on brand new mechanics players will be able to experience. We’ll run down quite a few of these right now starting with the biggest and most exciting; new monsters. The first reveal came in the form of the large behemoth known as Garangolm who can wield both fire and water in its fists to make for a fierce and deadly opponent. The second is Blood Orange Bishaten, a new variant of the existing Bishaten who can throw flaming pinecones at its foes to scare them off or put an end to an onslaught. Finally there is the returning monster Astalos, a fan favorite and part of the fated four originally featured in Monster Hunter Generations alongside Mizutsune who is also in Rise. It has a deadly ability to store up electricity and release it in huge blasts from its head or tail, making it a surefire way to fry its enemies to a crisp.

Although not featured in the trailer with details, the official website for Sunbreak detailed some mechanical changes that sound like fantastic inclusions. The first is a minor one but it allows hunters to begin climbing walls without having to use wiredash. This means they can simple run into a wall, dodge towards it or perform a midair evade to begin climbing walls. What’s even better is these can all be individually toggled to activate in or outside of battle so players can fully customize how they begin their wall climbs so there’s no accidents. We also learn about morphed wirebugs which offer great bonuses for hunters who pick them up. Ruby wirebugs give hunters more punisher damage while mounted on a monster while gold wirebugs cause materials to be more likely to drop when attacking from a mount. Having both makes it easier to initiate wyvern riding in addition to charging wirebugs up faster for additional use. Finally they detailed the brand new endemic life known as the Marionette Spider, which can pull a large monster within a limited range but has the opportunity to bash them into a wall and knock them over.

There’s even more details we didn’t go full into but there’s tons a lot hunters can get excited over as Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak launches on June 30. It will be available as a digital expansion for $39.99 for those who already have base Rise, or $59.99 for those who want to buy the full thing in one package. There are also three new amiibo, a collector’s edition and digital deluxe versions that can be picked up with extra goodies for those who want to go all out.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak releases on June 30. Check out more info on the official site here and take a look at the fantastic new trailer below: