Loot River is A Platform-Shifting Roguelite Coming to Xbox, PC

There’s a certain level of respect to give to a studio that offers as bold a claim in order to promote their latest project. And in the case of developer straka.studio with their upcoming action-orientated roguelite Loot River, to describe it as a mix between Dark Souls and Tetris. As if “The Dark Souls of…” wasn’t bold and/or foolish enough a descriptor in this day and age. This is seemingly taking it one step further. But that’s exactly how Loot River has been described and in all fairness, straka.studio may not be entirely wrong.

Navigating the perilous, flooded labyrinths of the game’s world, players must shift and manipulate differently-shaped platforms. Not only to progress — with what constitutes as some lite puzzle-solving on occasion — but as the below trailer comically portrays, manipulating both enemy and one’s own positioning as you slot and reorganize the Tetrimino-like environment to one’s choosing. A novel and admittedly intriguing little spin on the typical roguelite formula, Loot River is planned to release across Xbox platforms as well as PC.