Luciform Will Hop Onto Steam in Early 2021

Platforming fans craving another experience similar to Celeste or  Super Meat Boy may just get their wish soon. Chaos Mind’s new precision platforming title, Luciform, is due out in Q1 2021, and it will supposedly require a similar level of skill and dedication from its players. If the color-coded jumping in this trailer is any indication, even veteran platformers will have a challenge on their hands.

Luciform is the story of Luci and its quest to save its multi-colored kin from the grips of the Red-Eyed Gorilla. It’s the only creature able to shift its color at will, so it’s of course the only one that can do anything. The gorilla isn’t stupid though, it’s laid obstacles and traps along the path forward. It’s only with fast, precision jumping and color-shifting that Luci has any chance of facing its enemy and rescuing its family.

Luciform arrives on Steam in Q1 2021.