M4 Tank Brigade Classic Now on Steam Early Access

Developed by iEntertainment Network Inc., M4 Tank Brigade Classic looks to cover that niche of players dying to get in a World War II-era enclosed, armored combat vehicle and tear into each other with a maelstrom of heavy artillery and ballistic explosives.

Players take up the roles of tank commanders, commanding their platoons of four tanks. Making up a total of a five-player battlegroup, a team can compose of twenty tanks in all. Together, each player can command and coordinate air support and artillery support while jumping between the four tanks in their control. The game currently reportedly includes over a thousand single player missions and free online combat for up to 300 tankers at once. As part of Steam Early Access, both single player and multiplayer will receive monthly updates based on player feedback.

Fans of the original M4 Tank Brigade will be happy to know that it will be included with the updated version. Scope out the game’s trailer below. M4 Tank Brigade is currently available on Steam Early Access for $14.99.