Mafia III ‘The World of New Bordeaux: Weapons’ Gameplay Trailer Released

Mafia III is shaping up to look like one of this year’s greatest upcoming games, and rightfully so. There are only so many games that can get New Orleans mob life in the 60’s right and this new installment to the Mafia series hits it right on the nose. Life in New Bordeaux seems like it can only be lived with some kind of firearm by your side and the newest trailer shows just how Lincoln Clay got all of his.

The trailer gives you a little inside look at the relationship that Lincoln has with the leader of the Haitian gang, Cassandra, and the arms smuggling ring she had going on. It also shows you the relationship that Lincoln had with Burt, an arms dealer specializing in explosives.

Mafia III releases this October 7 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Check out the trailer below: