Mages of Mystralia Launches Kickstarter, Clears Goal in Under a Day

Mages of Mystralia is basically done, so why would it need a Kickstarter?  Well, as it turns out, basically done isn’t completely done, and the team would like to put a final level of polish and adjustment that pushes the release clock back by several months.  The problem with the formula “Time = Money” is that neither of the two term is numerically defined, but even a small amount of the left side can equal a good amount of the right.  Mages of Mystralia is in good enough shape that all backers at the lowest tier get beta access as soon as the campaign completes, playable from start to finish, but new effects, animations, and audio are in the works and, seeing as the campaign is off to an excellent start, new features are in play as stretch goals get added.  What those features are and the amount needed to reach them is a work in progress, but the campaign has only been active for under a day and the developers weren’t expecting quite so quick a response.  It can take a bit to get up to speed from an unexpected overwhelming success.

For those not up to speed on Mages of Mystralia, it’s an action-RPG where a young woman, Zia, is learning how to be a mage.  As it turns out, just waving one’s staff in the general direction of a thing you want to freeze, roast, or zap is only the simplest aspect of the craft, and the real power comes from building your own spells.  Take fire, add motion to it, and you’ve got a fireball.  Throw in a multiplier and make it curve and you might create a ring of orbiting fireballs, or other crazier effects.  The spell system is put through its paces in a huge adventure through a magical land that just happens to need a talented mage to solve all its problems, so it’s a good thing Zia is a helpful sort.

Mages of Mystralia was incredibly promising when I saw it at last year’s PAX East, and that was backed up by editor Jason Bohn at this year’s PAX South, where it earned his Game of the Show.  There’s normally a disclaimer or two involved with a Kickstarter, but this is about as safe a bet as you could hope for.  Head on over to the Kickstarter page and give it a look.

Disclaimer- At the time of this writing the Mages of Mystralia Kickstarter hasn’t hit its goal yet, needing another $340 within the next 10 hours.  While it’s possible the headline may turn out to be incorrect, it doesn’t seem especially likely.  –Update!– And there it is, goal cleared.