Mario Golf: Super Rush Now Available

Tee up for a blast of excitement with the launch of Mario Golf: Super Rush. The latest in the Mario Golf series is now available on the Nintendo Switch and a new trailer with some cinematic vibes has been posted.

With narration of an epic fantasy story, footage of various hazards and boss battles, Super Rush is shaping up like it has a lot to offer. We see Ty-foo blowing some wind and vines of Piranha Plants blocking the way of some courses. Weather conditions will surely be a hinderance. But there’s also tried and true, good old fashioned golf mechanics to enjoy. All the extras add depth to the title and really ups the ante when it comes to a traditional sport. Combining all this should make it a hole-in-one of fun!

Check out the pun-filled trailer for a look at the action and hit the links with Mario Golf: Super Rush out now.