Mario Golf: Super Rush Announced for Switch

It’s been nearly seven years since the last Mario Golf title — way back in 2014, Mario Golf: World Tour graced the 3DS, having never found itself with a Wii U follow-up. Which isn’t all that rare given there was a massive 11 year gap between World Tour and the previous release, 2003’s Gamecube entrant Toadstool Tour. But just like how Mario’s Tennis equivalent got itself a Switch title in 2018, the Golf series is once again back on console with Mario Golf: Super Rush. On top of the regular arcade modes that have you tackling each of the game’s courses either on your own or against fellow players, Super Rush also sees the return of a story mode, where players guide their created Mii through the ranks, accruing XP along the way.

But perhaps the stand-out mode on offer here is the new Speed Golf mode. Players teeing off at the same time and then literally sprinting to take their next shot — power-up’s provided along the way to either speed up or hamper your opponent’s own attempt to stay in the lead. Mario Golf: Super Rush releases for the Nintendo Switch on June 25.