Mario Hits Table Top with Boss Battles, Power Ups in Monopoly Gamer

Hasbro announced today that a new Mario themed Monopoly is hitting stores this August, titled Monopoly Gamer. This isn’t your father’s Monopoly, though. Coming complete with token-specific abilities, power-ups and boss battles, Monopoly Gamer looks to be shaking things up. Mario Party, anyone?

The game remains the same, playing like standard Monopoly with players moving around the board and buying up property or trading said property. It’s the meta-game that is the real sweat spot, and shows how it was designed from video games.

The game includes Mario, Yoshi, Peach and Donkey Kong tokens (maybe more later?) Each character comes with their own unique ability, activating when landing on special spaces going around the board. Example: Mario is able to roll the games numbered die, collecting that many coins from the bank, or Donkey Kong stealing three coins from each player.

Character abilities aren’t the only change to this version of Monopoly. The dice set to accompany the game aren’t a standard pair. Instead, one die has (appropriately themed) power-up moves, such as a Red Shell, which can be used to make a player drop three coins, or a Green Shell, which can’t target a specific player but affects the next player in play.

Shaking things up even more, depending on the character in play, their special ability can further enhance the power-up die. Princess Peach can steal one extra coin with the Red-Shell, for example.

If making it around the board is a challenge, getting to “Go” ups the stakes even more. When a players land on “Go,” they collect some coins but a Boss Battle ensues. There is a total of eight bosses, each must be defeated to complete the game. To defeat a boss, players must roll a die, trying to match or get a higher number than the boss card. If a player does that, the boss is defeated with the boss card going into the players inventory.

After all bosses are defeated, players tally up their boss card points, count properties they own and receive ten extra points for every five coins stashed.

It’s cool that Hasbro has found a way to embrace certain aspects of video games and put them into a physical board game. They even went a step further with Booster Packs, which will introduce new characters which will cost 2.99 USD — sold separately.

If you’re a fan of Mario, Nintendo or video games in general, this might be a worthwhile addition to the gaming space and fun for the whole family. Hopefully it’s not a friendship killer like…Mario Party.

Monopoly Gamer goes on sale in August for 24.99 USD. There will also be a collectors edition that includes a few extra goodies, such as the Bowser player token and Bowser.Jr boss card. The collector’s edition will be available for 39.99 USD.

Source: Kotaku