Mario Party: Star Rush Trailers Shows New Game Modes

The latest entry in the all-out partying video game series, Mario Party: Star Rush, was announced back at E3. It’s had a few months for fans to take a look and now a new trailer gets to show off even more content.

We already know Star Rush has a revamped system for traversing the game boards, but now we get a glimpse of the different modes to play through. There is Toad Scramble allowing you to create your own path to victory. You take control of a Toad and play through the game walking around the boards to collect items, characters, and most importantly, stars. Coinathalon is filled with all kinds of minigames in an attempt to grab the most gold as possible. Mario Shuffle utilizes amiibo figures to reach the top.

Take a look at the trailer below to preview the action, minigames, and various characters in Mario Party: Star Rush.