Mario Party Superstars Receives Overview Trailer

Prepare for your next party with the upcoming release of Mario Party Superstars. Longtime fans of the Mario Party series know how intense the games can get and this version contains classics from the past that’ll bring back all those frustrating and epic moments.

Play around five classic boards competing in mini games to win coins and stars. The player with the most stars at the end of the game is declared the winner. There isn’t much that’s new in Mario Party Superstars but this overview trailer shows off its content. N64 boards are back, favorite games, survival mode, mid-save function and online play are included. Check out some of our helpful tips that will surely give you the edge against opponents.

Mario Party Superstars can be pre-ordered now via the eShop but the game releases on October 29. Watch the overview trailer and a Japanese commercial for a look at the mini game mayhem.