Mario Party: The Top 100 Receives a Couple of Japanese Trailers

Mario Party games have been tearing families apart and destroying friendships for nearly 20 years. But you know what, it seems nobody really minds. Mario Party: The Top 100 is a game we found to be quite average since it released in North America last month. Fans in Japan will get to check it out themselves as it launches on December 28.

A couple of advertisements were released to promote the title. One shows off several of the games featured such as Bumper Balls, Face Lift and Balloon Busters. The other is quite lovely and shows different stages in the lives of some fans. First they start out playing on the Nintendo 64, then onto the Wii and finally checking out this 3DS game. It serves as a nice little reminder of how timeless the Mario Party games can be.

Watch both commercials below to see for yourselves. Then, read our review to learn more about Mario Party: The Top 100.