Marshadow Codes are Now Available at GameStop for Pokémon Sun and Moon

It’s been a long time coming but trainers can finally complete their Pokédex by adding Marshadow to their game! It is a mythical Pokémon that can slip into the shadows and is rarely seen by humans. But now everybody can get one as long as they visit GameStop for a download code!

You receive a Pokémon all set for battle. Marshadow is the only Fighting/Ghost-type in existence! It comes equipped with the Technician ability and four attacks including: Spectral Thief, Close Combat, Force Palm and Shadow Ball. Spectral Thief is its’ signature move which deals damage and steals stat boosts from the opponent. Tap into the held item, Marshadium Z, which upgrades it to the Soul-Stealing 7-Star Strike Z-Move.

Trainers can pick up the code card in stores from October 9 until October 23. It will only work for Pokémon Sun and Moon, not the Ultra versions coming next month. Learn more about Marshadow here and check out the video below!