Martha is Dead’s ‘White Lady’ Trailer is a Bit Unsettling

LKA put out a new trailer today for their upcoming psychological horror title: Martha is Dead. In this short, somewhat sad video, a child talks her nanny into reading her the story of “the White Lady.” In it the vengeful spirit of a murdered young woman is said to haunt a certain lake, dragging-in more unfortunate victims to share in her fate. Check out the tale in full below.

It seems that this particular story is based on a real Italian folk legend, and it ties nicely into the mains story of Martha is Dead. The game stars a young woman in 1944 Tuscany who must herself hunt down the truth behind her twin sister’s murder. Nothing about her case is ordinary, with the woman having been found mysteriously drowned in a local lake. If this were any other time, she’d probably have some help getting to the bottom of this, but the rage of war tends to push away all but the most immediate of concerns.

Martha is Dead is set to release in 2021 for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S