Max Thunder Revealed as Streets of Rage 4 DLC Character

Nearly a month ago, we were treated to the reveal of the first DLC for Streets of Rage 4, Mr. X Nightmare. While the big news was fan favorite Estel Aguirre being announced as a playable character, two more silhouettes also appeared, teasing additional characters that would be popping up as well. And now Dotemu has revealed one of those characters to us, and it is none other than Max Thunder, who last appeared as a playable character way back in Streets of Rage 2.

Max’s inclusion isn’t that surprising, mind you, given that – without spoilers – he does appear in the main story of the game. As seen in the quick trailer below, Max’s wrestling prowess still allows him to deal out some rather hefty blows against the game’s various enemies, which should make him fun to play as. This also leaves one more playable character left to be announced, and given the reveals of Estel and Max, a gambler might want to put their money on Shiva. And with no release date still announced yet for the Mr. X Nightmare DLC, fans still have plenty of time to place their bets.