May’s Humble Monthly Bundle Has Undertale, Inside, Gonner, More

Well, it’s the first Friday in May, so time to virtually unbox the latest Humble Monthly bundle! Because even though we’re finally getting some warm weather again, Humble still wants to see if they can offer up enough gaming goodness to keep you indoors. And as proof of that, this month’s batch contains nine whole games as opposed to the usual eight (counting the Humble Original), and it indeed appears they did indeed pull out as many stops as possible for this one. So let’s see what’s inside already!

We start things off with two of the most acclaimed indie games in recent years: Undertale, the 8-bit RPG phenomenon from Toby Fox about trying to find the best way to navigate through a quirky world of monsters, and Inside, Playdead’s dark, atmospheric puzzle platformer where you try to uncover the secrets behind a a dystopian world. And they’re joined on the acclaim train by DiRT Rally, a near-perfect racing game and the latest installment from Codemasters’ famous series.

The rest of this month’s games are no slouches either, though. Procedurally-generated 2D action-platformer Gonner is included, in all of its tough-as-nails, whale-endorsed glory, along with The Turing Test, a first-person puzzler with an impressive story delving into themes of AI and morality. Speaking of morality, we also have This is the Police and all the tough decisions that come with an adventure about a police officer desperately needing money for retirement, and we round out the regular lot with Metrico+, a revised version of the puzzle platformer that originally appeared on the Vita.

The Humble Monthly Debut this month is Super Rude Bear Resurrection, a masocore platformer that can earn you a grand if you’re good enough. The Humble Original this time around is A2Be, a science fiction narrative about journeying through a utopia, and in a unique bonus, we get the first comic from Humble Monthly, Kevin Eastman’s Underwhere, a fantasy tale about a young boy named Jacob who comes across a treasure map left behind by his grandfather. Issue one is included here, with issues two through four to come with the coming bundles.

So nine games and a comic makes for quite the massive bundle indeed, packed with a nice variety of interesting games. So June’s crop is going to have quite the task ahead in topping it, though with Stellaris as its first revealed game (available instantly for all new customers and early payees as usual), it seems like it will at least put forth a valiant effort. So come back in four weeks and we’ll see if that’s exactly what happens or not! Fingers crossed!