Meet the Heroes, Villains in Tales of Arise’s Opening Movie

Tales of Arise is now only about two months shy of its release on September 10, making this month a great time for its publisher to finally deliver some more information about the game. It would seem that Bandai Namco shares that idea because the company revealed the game’s opening movie today. In it fans can see just about all the story’s major players in action.

The two protagonists, Alphen and Shionne have been shown previously.  Alphen is a man fighting for the freedom of his planet: Dahna, while Shionne is on the run from the authorities of the ruling planet: Rena. The events that cause them to cross paths, the other heroes and the villians are still unknown, but perhaps that will all come to light as Tales of Arise nears release. It’s already been a long wait thanks to the game’s delay from its original 2020 release, so hopefully this is a story that can deliver on its potential.

Tales of Arise will release worldwide on September 10 for PC, PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.