Meet the Kingdom of Faerghus Fighters Coming to Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

The latest details for the upcoming Fire Emblem Warriors is here, this time showcasing the Kingdom of Faerghus or better known as the group of Blue Lions in Three Houses. This trailer gives players a good look at each new playable character and what their movesets will entail, and fortunately they’re all very familiar faces. Enjoy playing as Dimitri with his spear, Dedue with an axe, Mercedes using magic, Ashe wielding a bow, Felix drawing his sword, Annette bringing even more magic, Sylvain with a spear on horseback and Ingrid bringing in a Pegasus along with her own spear. There’s quite the assortment and variety in these few characters along and in addition to the already revealed cast it really makes it feel like this title will bring the much deserved variety the first Fire Emblem Warriors are sorely missing.

Fire Emblem Warriors launches on June 24. Take a peak at the Kingdom of Faerghus trailer below:

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