Meet the Squishy New Electric Frog Pokemon Bellibolt

We got a bit of a tease the other day when the gym leader Iono teased a brand new Pokemon by describing it as squishy and with bumps on its head that looked like eyes but weren’t. Today we finally got a look at that brand new Pokemon an it’s none other than the adorable Bellibolt! This amphibious Pokemon appears to look like a frog but disguises its real face with large bumps on the side of its head. It stores electricity in its translucent belly and is able to stretch its body in order to appear larger than it is. Bellibolt is said to be a fairly hard to train Pokemon do to its unawareness and is more likely to be attacked than start a fight on its own.

Players can catch their own Bellibolt when Pokemon Scarlet and Violet launch on November 18. Check out the reveal trailers for Bellibolt below: