Meet the Two-Member Cast of Rive in New Character Trailer

Rive is a wacky story about a likeably odd couple of a space salvager and the ship’s robot trying to kill him.  It’s also a game of screen-shaking action, crunchy shooting, and a whole lot of explosions, which makes sense when all the systems of a semi-derelict ship are trying to annihilate the heavily-armed spider-tank tearing through its defenses.  Rive’s new trailer shows off both these aspects of the game, with the gruff Roughshot taking on everything the ship’s robot servant, Daryl Lloyd-Lancaster, can toss his way.  Both of the antagonistic duo are brought to life by Mark Dodson, who’s done voice acting in cartoons and movies for decades all the way back to Salacious Crumb in Return of the Jedi.  It’s hard to call a cast star-studded when there’s just the one, but both characters are distinct and bring some extra life to a game that’s already packed to the gills with kinetic personality.

The trailer also reveals Rive’s release window of September, which is at least narrower than the previous “2016”.  It’s been a long and somewhat dramatic road to completion, but Two Tribes’ final game is just about done and, if its demo is anything to go by, will be a fantastic send-off for the studio.