Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1+2 Now Available on Consoles and PC

Since 1993, the Mega Man X games have represented some of the finest 2D action-platformers ever made. With original cartridge versions of the first three games going for sky-high prices over the past decade, and the PS2 and GameCube-era collection being long out of print, modern day players have been left without a reliable way to play them on current-day hardware. Thankfully, Capcom is re-releasing the entire X franchise on all modern platforms in a pair of collections. Digital users can download each collection separately, offering up Mega Man X 1-4 on the first collection and 5-8 on the second – or you can buy the game physically on the Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 and get both collections in one go around.

Mega Man X Legacy Collection 2 is a digital code on Switch and its own disc on the PS4, while Xbox One owners get both collections on one disc. These collections allow you to play the sprite-based games either as they were originally released, with a smoothing filter, or with a scanline filter. Rookie Hunter mode also makes them more accessible, alongside the new X Challenge mode and a virtual museum of art and music – alongside the Day of Sigma short film. The physical versions of the game will set you back $39.99, while digital versions of each collection are $19.99.