Mega Slowbro Confirmed for Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby

Trainers and fans over at the Pokémon World Championships got a real treat before the competition began. Junichi Masuda, Pokémon’s music composer since Red and Blue, revealed to the audience that Slowbro will indeed go Mega. We first heard the news after it was accidentally leaked but now the worries are over.

Mega Slowbro comes with an extra beefy set of defenses. It’s stats were average before but could always use Amnesia and Withdraw to increase them. Now, it probably won’t even be necessary unless you want Slowbro built even more like a tank. On top of that, its new ability is Shell Armor which prevents opponents from landing any critical hits. Since they move pretty slowly, hence the name, it appears going Mega may help it pick up the pace. The video debut shows Mega Slowbro moving around pretty easily. And while it’s being covered by its shell, there could be room for it to learn Shell Smash which will increase Attack, Special Attack and much needed Speed. It does drop those defensive stats, however it might not have to worry too much with those significant boosts.

Watch the video below to get a better look on the latest Mega Evolution. The only bit of news coming from Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby lately seems to be announcements of new Mega Pokémon. There were twenty eight different Megas in X and Y and so far only ten confirmed for the next game. It’s making us excited to see who else will be able to Mega Evolve.