Merging Cuteness and a Big Hairy Spider in Webbed Release Date Trailer

There are people in the world who think spiders are cute.  If there’s one thing the internet has taught us, there are people in the world who think a lot of things.  The spindly eight-legged monstrosities are nightmare fuel from the deepest pits of primal terror, but there’s no question they have fantastic abilities that are perfectly suited to gaming.  Usually developers get around the Ick factor by throwing all the licensing money towards Marvel, but Webbed takes the more difficult route by making its protagonist weirdly charming in a way that should be acceptable to all but the most hardened arachnophobe.

Webbed is basically a 2D pixel-art platformer, with the disclaimer that, featuring a spider, its platforms can be linked together.  The spider can use two types of web, one for swinging and the other for connecting surfaces, with that second ability including the web itself as a point of attachment.  The demo from last Fall’s Steam-fest was a playground of exploration with a good number of goals to chase after and it should be a lot of fun to see what kind of challenges the spider’s abilities are put towards in the final game.  The release-date trailer below shows off collecting parts and assembling a mecha-ant, which is always a promising direction.  There’s still a bit over a month to go before Webbed lands on September 9, so give the new trailer a watch to see what kind of adventures a cute, perky spider can get up to.

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