Mighty Fight Federation Brings Multi-Player Arena Mayhem to a 3D Space

Mighty Fight Federation’s demo showcased a small chunk of the full game’s fast-paced action. Inspired by games like Power Stone, it features a slew of characters making up its cast of 13 – including Yooka and Laylee, Toejam and Early, and Kunio and Riki from River City Ransom. With four-player action, you have to battle not only the other fighters, but also avoid the stage’s hazards themselves. Traps, explosives, and projectiles can help sway the battle in your favor.

There are single player arcade story modes to ensure that you just don’t fly online and get trounced, with an extensive tutorial system in place. The OST is comped by Tee Lopes, James Landino, Vince DiCola, and Manami Matsumae. PS4 buyers will be able to get a free upgrade to the PS5 version. There haven’t been many games that evoke Power Stone beyond Last Fight, but MFF looks fantastic and is available now on PC via Steam and PS4 via the PlayStation Store.