Mode 7 and SMAC Games Announce Isometric Action Game Tokyo 42

Have you ever wanted to play a game that bills itself as a cross between Syndicate and the original top-down Grand Theft Auto? Even if you haven’t, Tokyo 42 looks like it’s still worth checking out. Recently announced from developer SMAC Games and publisher Mode 7, Tokyo 42 is an isometric open-world action game set in a futuristic Tokyo where you’ll have to use gunplay, stealth, futuristic technology, and cats (of course) among other things in order to uncover a dark conspiracy.

The announcement trailer for Tokyo 42 was released alongside this news as well, which you can view below, and even in its pre-alpha stages it already shows off a sleek and unique style, along with some nice bits of action. The game isn’t due out until 2017, but given how promising it already looks, here’s hoping we get to hear more about Tokyo 42 soon.