Monster Hunter 4 June DLC Now Available

Capcom continues to support the excellent Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate on 3DS with a number of free DLC packs. The free DLC pack for June is now available for download on the 3DS eShop. This new piece of content adds some new challenges,  as well as plenty of new themed gear and costumes for your character.

The new DLC pack adds gear and costumes based on the Devil May Cry franchise, allowing your feline companion to cosplay as Dante. There’s also gear inspired by the Animal Crossing franchise, and finally there are some exclusive and original equipment designs courtesy of Tetsuya ¬†Nomura (Final Fantasy). Of course, you have to earn the right to use this content by clearing some new challenges.

To complement this new gear, a number of new missions and monsters have been added which is sure to test even the most veteran hunters. These missions are inspired by Devil May Cry and even Animal Crossing.

You can check out all the June DLC Pack contents showcased in the trailer below.

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