Moonglow Bay Reveals Aquarium in New Gameplay Clip

First announced earlier this year, Coatsink and developer Bunnyhug Games were able to catch the attention of fans of chill, wholesome games with Moonglow Bay, a fishing RPG set in 1980s Eastern Canada where you play asĀ  rookie angler trying to honor the memories of their deceased partner while keeping their business alive, along with the town’s economy. But what exactly can you do with the fish after you’ve caught them? Well, in a new clip from the recent Day of the Devs showcase that also showed off more fishing gameplay, it appears you can go beyond cooking and selling them (through vending machines, no less), as you can donate them to a newly-revealed aquarium as well, Animal Crossing-style, thus preserving the fish you catch and allowing you to view them. And as one more announcement, it was revealed that Moonglow Bay would be headed to the Epic Games Store as well, alongside Steam, XSX, and XB1 releases, giving this quirky little fishing game even more of an audience when it comes out sometime soon.