My Little Pony Meets Tormentor X Punisher in Pink Marmalade

Oh internet!  Never stop being a font of joy and wonderment, especially when Frankensteining two utterly different things into one giant WTF of pure madness.  Pink Marmalade is today’s incredible slice of weirdness, fusing MLP-style ponies with a neon-drenched arena shooter that that’s both cute and a bit gory.  You’re a pony with a dash attack and limited-ammo shots, and the goal is to combo the other pony enemies into massive scores while figuring out how the powerup system works.

The Tormentor X Punisher influence is immediately obvious once you start putting it together, with mini-quests granting permanent ability upgrades.  Dash-attacking several enemies in a row or making every bullet in a full clip take out a pony, and probably several others I haven’t quite figured out yet in an evening’s play, all make you a bit deadlier as the ponies start to fill the arena with horsey carnage.  You only get seven bullets before needing a reload, which is done by dashing through enemies, so you’ll need to get comfortable with both standard twin-stick shooting and ramming to progress, and both attacks are useful in different situations.  Regular ponies shoot at you but are harmless to touch, while the green orbs surrounding the other common enemy type are instant death, and larger bosses show up with their own unique attacks to make life difficult.  The dash may be a bit overpowered, seeing as it negates any threat it passes through including bullets and boss attacks,but for an evening’s entertainment with a fun bit of freeware it’s not a balancing issue that’s going to cause too much trouble.

Pink Marmalade is available free on and entertainingly insane whether you like ponies or not.