My Time at Portia Crafts Launch Trailer for Early Access Release

It’s a great day for farming, what with both Staxel and My Time at Portia launching on Steam today.  Although both games are superficially similar they’re also their own individual take on the genre, with Staxel having a free-form “build your world” approach while My Time at Portia is more focused on putting you in the shoes of a novice crafter integrating into the community and discovering its stories and history.  The peaceful world has the feel of a Miyazaki movie, filled with people living in the remnants of large derelict machines that are remnants of a darker past.  The hero/heroine moves into town with the usual “inherited a ramshackle house from a relative” plot setup, gets a few basic starter recipes, and sets out to build, craft, cook, grow, and harvest their way into the hearts of the villagers.  The days are never quite long enough to do everything, and even if they were there’s only so much stamina to push through to bedtime, but the next morning dawns bright and clear (or maybe rainy) with the chance to try something new.  Fish, mine, chat with villagers, run errands, take on odd jobs, hunt monsters, or just chill as the world goes by.  Optimize time for maximum productivity or relax a bit; Portia won’t judge.

My Time at Portia released into Early Access today with a launch trailer, a little over three months since the Kickstarter campaign ended.  The current plan calls for Early Access to finish up by year’s end, hopefully September/October.  There’s a meaty demo on the Steam page you can also check out, too.