NACON Announces Revolution X Wired Pro Controller for Xbox, PC

NACON has put out some great Xbox controllers and today’s NACON Connect event unveiled another one for PC and Xbox users. Their recent compact controller was a fantastic smaller pad, and now they’re bringing a wired Elite-style experience to the Xbox and PC with their upcoming Revolution X controller. The Revolution X features a full-sized controller setup with four back buttons and Dolby Atmos support included like the Compact Pro controller.

It’s fitting that they’re making a wired Elite-style pad given that they first made a big name out for themselves in 2017 with an Elite-style pad for PS4 owners long before companies like Pictek released an Xbox-style controller. NACON advertises a wide variety of customization options and as time goes on and we get closer to the autumn release, we should get a clearer idea of just what that means.