Necrobarista Finally Arrives Next Week

Well, it may not officially be E3, but this Not-E3 period has still been home to some surprise launches and sudden launches. Case in point, Necrobarista. First announced back in 2017, Route 59’s unique cel-shaded visual novel has wowed us whenever we could get some time with the game or the developers, but has been subjected to several delays. Today though, right out of the blue, it was revealed that we now only have a week to go until we can visit the Terminal café, as seen in the launch trailer below.

Set in Melbourne, Necrobarista is the story of Maddy, a young woman who has just taken ownership of the Terminal café. This means Maddy gains a new set of responsibilities, which includes managing the waypoint between the lands of the living and the dead that the Terminal doubles as. Oh, and did we we mention that Maddy is an apprentice necromancer as well? So yes, the story goes into some supernatural places and beyond Maddy’s own tale as well, as we also get to learn about characters like the mechanics-obsessed teenager Ashley, another (more frustrated) necromancer named Chay, and…um, 19th-century Australian outlaw Ned Kelly. So have you ever wanted to hang out with Ned Kelly over coffee? Then do we know of the game for you!

Gameplay-wise, though, Necrobarista aims to move outside of text boxes, allowing for collectable keywords that can provide further insights into various characters, as well as having first-person exploration sequences in each chapter that allow players to choose which threads to explore. Throw in some impressive animation and artwork to go with unique mechanics like these, as well as a killer soundtrack by composer Kevin Penkin, and Necrobarista might just have what it takes to be the next great visual novel with arrives on PC on July 22, with Switch and PS4 versions to come in 2021.