NeiR Automata Gameplay Footage Escapes Concert and Talk Live Event

NieR Automata was one of the most unexpected surprises from E3, not just in that the excellent NieR was getting a thematic sequel but that people remembered it so fondly and reacted so positively to the announcement.  Information has sneaked out in bits and pieces since last June, but the Square Enix event NieR Music Concert & Talk Live had not just a simple gameplay video, but a live demonstration.  The two characters on screen are combat androids, 9S and A2, with 9S being the younger boy and A2 the woman with a blindfold.  They both have melee attacks with the giant weapons floating behind their backs plus ranged shots thanks to their little robot helpers, and easily clear out hordes of wonderfully clunky mechs that look like wind-up toys.  It’s particularly fun in the videos watching a fight against an enemy or two, the player decide more would be better, and then drop to developer mode to generate a dozen more units.  It’s all untranslated Japanese, but watching a robot get staggered long enough to charge up a hit strong enough to send it tumbling way into the distance works in any language.

The videos below are courtesy of xenosaga7, each two to three minutes long and look like they were captured from an event stream.  Caveat emptor.