Neko Ghost, Jump! Demo Updated on Steam, Full Game Set for Summer Release

Neko Ghost, Jump! has been in the works for a while now and the game’s playable demo on Steam has just gotten a big update. This demo allows you to enjoy the game’s opening stages and even experience its first boss battle. The demo featured some issues early on with control problems and optimization issues, but it’s been fixed up and includes pretty big changes for the player – including being able to deflect the boss’s projectile back to it. It’s a unique puzzle-platformer where you can shift the camera from either behind the back or off to the side – making it something that can scratch both an itch for a 2D platformer and a 3D action game all at once. It looks pretty cool and the demo plays like a dream. The full game is set for a release this summer for both Steam and the Epic Games Store, and looks like a must for anyone who loves platforming action.