Neon Synthwave Slash-and-Dash Rifter Tears Through Release Trailer

There’s more than one way to go fast, and while running is nice, it’s hard to beat the sheer kinetic thrust of the swing off an energy-whip.  The hero of Rifter is a green lightning-ninja who can swing through the world gathering speed as he goes, then turn on a dime with a dash that reroutes all that energy without the slightest care for inertia.  The glowing side-view levels are filled with points to hook a whip from and managing the arc results in a graceful acceleration that can either get you to new heights or send you flying into en electrified death-trap, depending on how it’s managed.

Rifter is a pure-action platformer where clearing the levels is as much about technique as it is force and wringing all the secrets from each area will require a decent grasp of the game’s physics and a precise hand on the controller.  For mortal players of standard skill, though, the 90+ levels offer plenty to find and even something as simple as dashing through the enemies feels good as they shatter into particles from the force of your electro-ninja assault.

Rifter has come a long way since its initial alpha demo and now it’s ready to release on PC by the end of July.  Check out the trailer below to see all the swinging, dashing, pounding action a neon-drenched landscape can handle: