Never Alone Receiving DLC, PS3 & Vita Port

While the original launch of the Inuit adventure title Never Alone was met with tepid responses due to a number of technical responses, the quirky game seems to have come away in a very positive light. Whether this is a result of the fixed product being great or simply due to it being free on PlayStation Plus, Never Alone has turned into quite the success.

Today, E-Lines Games has announced that Never Alone is set to receive its first piece of DLC, titled ‘Foxtales,’ and that it will be making its way to PlayStation 3 and Vita. Foxtales features three new levels based around new stories in the Inuit universe, and to commemorate the occasion, a new trailer has been released.

Never alone: Foxtales will be released on PlayStation 4 on July 28 and the PS3/Vita versions of Never Alone are set to release this fall.