New 3D Puzzler EQI Releases for the Best Price of All: Free

Developer Chopin et al. asks the question: what if synthwave was a game? Their new release, a first-person action-puzzler called EQI, it would seem, is their answer. The game is set in cyberspace, if cyberspace is what we were promised in TRON — all glowy neon and geometry.

Visually, besides being a neon paradise, EQI also presents M.C. Escher-level perspective-warping in its puzzles, inviting the player to think outside of the normal up-and-down of our mundane, gravity-bound living. In the game, while you move through it, you also control the environment, twisting the game world around you, trying to find the undulating wireframe exit of each challenge. And all of this to a soundtrack that evokes the best of late ’70s/early ’80s techno future film soundtracks. Think Blade Runner or The Terminator.

It looks like a fantastic diversion, with an irresistible price: if you have a Steam account, you need only download the game. It will cost you only the time you spend playing it. It’s available now, so if you have a Windows PC and Steam, you might as well play it.