New Berserk Warriors Trailer Features Guts in Action

During E3 last week, Koei Tecmo announced a rather large new project they have been working on. It was a collaboration with the highly popular (although it releases at a snail pace) Berserk franchise from Kentaro Miura. Having started in the late 80s, Miura began developing the war fantasy series that has been adapted into an incredible anime, OVAs and video games.

This new trailer doesn’t show a whole lot, although a bit more than the teaser we got last week. It shows our protagonist Guts hacking through hordes of enemies, and in typical Berserk fashion, it’s incredibly bloody. If you’re one of the very few who imported the PS2 game twelve years ago, you should get flashbacks from this footage.

Berserk Warriors (which isn’t the official western title as of yet) will be out in Japan on September 21, but us in North America and Europe will have to wait until 2017 for PS4, PSV and PC.

7 thoughts on “New Berserk Warriors Trailer Features Guts in Action

    • Very tempting. Although I’m probably going to steel myself and wait for the NA release. It’ll be tough, though. I’m probably going to watch a whole lot of footage of this game when it is out.

      • Heh, don’t tell me you tried hour HardcoreGamer now because I mentioned it yesterday at Sterlings site

        @Topic Am used to play Warriors games in Japanese and with Japanese menus anyway. The Sengoku Basara games are not getting releases here anymore and berserk on PS2..which was damn good was also japan only sadly.

        I hope the soundtrack in Berserk Musou will be similar great.

        • Naaaah, someone at the Dtoid article for this pointed out this page as a source for the game coming out in 2017, so I decided to come take a peek.

          I do find it frustrating that the only Sengoku Basara games we got stopped before the really interesting ones. I’d love to play Sumeragi in english, that’s for sure.

          • Must be that everest guy who signed up at dtoid a minute after dixiecarter was banned. *cough*

            SB 2 and 4 were both great, I even prefer SB 2 and Heroes to SB3 and 4 though, those tower attack elements were boooring

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